WWE has been going through a major shake up as of late with Vince McMahon stepping aside and Stephanie McMahon stepping up. There’s a lot going on and Triple H recently made headlines when it was reported that he returned to the WWE Performance Center.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Triple H held a meeting with talent and officials in Orlando on 6/22. Multiple people at the meeting reportedly noted that he used the words “I’m back.”

It wasn’t made clear if he’s back in charge of NXT, or just back at work. The Game has been back at work for some time, but had not been back to Orlando. Triple H did indicate that things would be changing, but didn’t share more details.

Before everything that happened recently with Vince McMahon there was talk of Triple H taking on a bigger role. It was noted that Triple H taking on a bigger role is likely not related to the Vince McMahon investigation, but the timing of the move could be a sign that it’s related in some way.