The Battleground event is behind us but the things that took place during the event still stick with us to this day. The fact is as time moves on Battleground 2017 will become an even more distant memory because that’s how time works.

Separation from an event also gives us more time for introspection and analysis because some things just didn’t seem right during the show. As more information comes out about what was actually going on in the building things are starting to make much more sense.

If you noticed a huge lack of reaction in the main event at Battleground then you weren’t alone. Most people assumed the lackluster pop from the crowd during the match was only due to the Punjabi Prison. Many thought fans just didn’t care as much because they knew Jinder Mahal was going to come out the winner anyway.

But in reality, the reason why there didn’t seem to be as many people caring about this match might have come down to a logistical reason. The fact was that not as many hardcore fans were actually in the arena watching the match in the first place.

Dave Meltzer reported in the most recent Observer that since the Royal Rumble is going to be in the Wells Fargo Arena in Philly on January 28th, fans in the building were told presale tickets were going to be sold during the Battleground show. These tickets went on sale at 10:45 pm which put it smack-dab in the middle of the main event. So, a lot of people seemed to get up and go get in line after the John Cena/Rusev Flag Match.

Therefore if it seemed like there were fewer people in the arena who seemed to care about the match, then that might be because there weren’t. There were a lot of people in line to get tickets for another WWE PPV that hopefully won’t feature a Punjabi Prison Match as the main event.