al snow

Al Snow is a professional wrestling veteran, and during the Attitude Era he found success when he started bringing his best friend Head to the ring. For those of you who missed it, Head was a literal head. Snow would come down to the ring with a mannequin head and ask everybody what they wanted, and the crowd would gleefully respond by shouting “head.” Yeah, the Attitude Era was a different time.

Al Snow’s gimmick was a big hit, but prior to his relationship with Head, Al struggled to find success with various gimmicks in WWE. Snow recently did an interview with The Sun, and he admitted that at the time he didn’t know how to take advantage of the gimmicks that were presented to him by WWE creative. This led Snow to the topic of Vince McMahon, and he noted that the misconception that Vince gives wrestlers certain gimmicks because he doesn’t want them to succeed is just that, a misconception.

“Vince McMahon genuinely wants every wrestler to succeed. He’s a businessman. Not to mention his ego. The more his wrestlers succeed, the more his business succeeds, the more he succeeds – and he gets to take credit. Guys misunderstand – in WWE Vince gives you creative freedom. Once in you step in that ring, there’s nothing Vince can do to help you get over – and there’s nothing he can do to stop you getting over.”

Remember the good old days of TNA/Impact Wrestling when Dixie Carter used to tease huge announcements every other week? Well, sadly those days are gone, but it looks like Jeff Jarrett is trying to fill the void as he’s now teasing a big announcement for Global Force Wrestling.

What could it be? Only time will tell, but according to Jarrett the news will be “super exciting” for GFW fans in Germany.