aj lee

It’s been a while since fans have seen AJ Lee in a wrestling ring, as she wrestled her last match back in 2015.

But the former WWE Divas Champion recently opened up about her experience working for the company during an interview with Kristine Leahy and she noted that she wasn’t afraid to get in trouble for being herself.

“In my time in the business, there was so much pressure on the girls to conform to a mold and a formula that worked. Not only was there pressure, but you’d also sort of be punished if you didn’t. There was a time when they checked if our manicures were perfect, if our hair wasn’t long enough they’d tell us we had to get extensions, your weight would be commented on. That made for a lot of pressure where girls didn’t feel like they could just show who their genuine self was. I’ve always been willing to fail if the only option is to do it my way. What is true and genuine to me, or failure, I will choose to do it my way. Being the person riding the fine line of getting in trouble a lot I was willing to do that, that’s what helped me. I was rare at the time.”

AJ Lee was also asked about a potential return, and she noted that she will never say never.

“I’d say never say never. Every time I’ve said ‘never’ in my life I ended up doing the thing. ‘I’m never going to date a wrestler, never going to date another wrestler.’ And then it keeps going and I ended up marrying one. I say that I don’t know what the future holds, to not hold your breath. But never say never.”

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