cm punk

CM Punk and Ace Steel were involved in a physical altercation with The Elite following the All Out pay-per-view back in September and several names were suspended due to the brawl. Since then everyone has been waiting to see where the chips will fall and it was reported recently that Ace Steel has been released.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is now reporting that it looks doubtful that CM Punk will be returning to All Elite Wrestling. Those close to the situation say that AEW is in talks with Punk regarding a potential buyout for his contract.

The hold up right now is said to be with the non-compete period. It was noted that the non-compete clause would obviously be for WWE as they are the only company that could pay Punk what he’s asking for.

People in WWE have been negative on CM Punk in the past, but with Triple H being all about surprise debuts CM Punk is seen as the biggest surprise he could bring in. No one in WWE has been in contact with Punk, but he’s close with Adam Pearce and has been close with Paul Heyman in the past.

AEW has neither confirmed or denied the buyout talks. It’s also being said that the sentiment in AEW regarding most talent, but not all talent, is anti-Punk at the moment.