The WWE tag team division is in rough shape right now. The number of teams they have is limited and the credibility of those teams is pretty thin. The Usos make great tag team champions but they need other teams to feud with. The golden era of tag team wrestling is over but that doesn’t mean WWE can’t create a whole new golden era of tag teams. The tag team division needs some serious attention at the moment and these are the teams that we think could help make it interesting again.


#8 – Kalisto And Sin Cara

The creation of the Sin Cara gimmick has made it obvious that WWE is looking towards the future and more specifically, they’re looking for a masked wrestler to replace Rey Mysterio. This team not only gives them a masked wrestler to fill the void left by Rey’s absence, it actually gives them two. Using these two as a team on the main roster would be beneficial to WWE in many ways. It gives them a team that appeals to the Latino demographic they’re so eager to bring inĀ and it also gives the fans a high flying team to cheer for.

Putting these two in a long feud with The Usos with a few gimmick matches thrown in here and there could get people talking.



#7 – The Ascension

Viktor and Connor better known as The Ascension are the longest reigning tag team champions in NXT history. They’ve been dominating the tag team division in NXT for quite some time now and they’re rumored to get called up to the WWE main roster sometime soon. These two are sure to make a huge impact when they finally arrive and they are a force to be reckoned with.

The powerhouse style that The Ascension uses is something that’s currently missing in the WWE tag team division. Due to their size and strength they would be a unique and welcome addition to the currently thin WWE tag team division.



#6 – The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks have been making noise on the independent scene for years and they’ve made a pretty good name for themselves in the process. They’ve wrestled all over the world and they’re still quite young which means their best years are ahead of them. They’ve done some work with WWE in the past and they’ve recently teased that they may be going to NXT. If WWE does indeed decide to ship these two to NXT then it would be a good move on their part. These guys look like a team, act like a team and move like a team which makes them a great asset to any company’s tag team division.



#5 – Christopher Daniels And Kazarian

This one is probably the least likely to happen due to the age of both performers and the fact that most of the WWE audience isn’t familiar with them. Despite the fact that they haven’t worked in WWE as a team, Daniels and Kazarian have managed to build up a loyal fanbase and they’ve proven that they can take tag team wrestling to the next level.

Daniels and Kazarian are great performers in the ring but they have also proved that they can be very entertaining on the mic as well. WWE’s tag teams lack personality which is something that these two have an abundance of. WWE is currently in the process of building up younger talent but the tag team division would be a great place to let these two veterans shine.



#4 – The Dudley Boyz

Bully Ray is apparently done with TNA and although we don’t know the details surrounding his current deal, we can’t imagine Devon will be there much longer either. The biggest thing that the WWE tag team division lacks in name value. There really aren’t many recognizable stars in the division.

Earlier this year when WWE brought back the New Age Outlaws it worked like a charm because you had a legendary team working with new teams, which in turn made the younger teams look better and more legitimate. WWE is currently trying to build up new stars but in order to do this in the tag team division they need established talent to help get the new talent over.

Both Bully and Devon are in arguably the best shape of their careers and they’re more entertaining now than ever. Their recent reunion as Team 3D in TNA is a great example of how exciting it can be when a veteran team feuds with a younger team such as The Wolves. These guys can still go and they only seem to be getting better as time goes on. Bringing them back is a win/win for everyone involved.



#3 – The Hardy Boyz

The Hardy Boyz much like The Dudley Boys recently reunited in TNA and similar to The Dudley Boys they’re showing the world why their team will always have name value. Jeff Hardy’s popularity hasn’t dwindled one bit since he left WWE. WWE fans are still dying to have him back and TNA fans are still chanting his name during every show. Jeff is in great shape and Matt has proved that he still works well as a tag team wrestler.

Bringing The Hardy Boyz back is a no brainer. This combination can never get stale and the pop they would get if they reunited in WWE would be massive. Matt Hardy isn’t under contract with any wrestling organization at the moment and Jeff has recently stated that he would like to end his career in WWE.

The Hardy Boyz are a high profile tag team which would instantly raise the profile of any tag team they feud with.



#2 – The Briscoes

The Briscoes are one of the most unique tag teams in the business right now. They aren’t playing characters, they ARE their characters. The Briscoes have larger than life personalities and that’s something the WWE tag team division desperately needs right now.

WWE was rumored to be interested in The Briscoes a few years ago which means they obviously recognize that the team has something special. They’re currently tearing it up in ROH but if WWE ever gets serious about ushering in a new golden era of tag team wrestling, they’re going to need The Briscoes.



#1 – Motor City Machine Guns

The Motor City Machine Guns have already created a huge legacy for themselves in the world of tag team wrestling and they did it all without the help of WWE. Much like The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boys, this is a team that the fans are always anxious to see because they know they are guaranteed to witness a great match when these two step in the ring.

Not too long ago WWE was rumored to have serious interest in Alex Shelley and it was reported that the two sides were close to signing a deal. Unfortunately for Shelley, TNA filed a lawsuit against WWE and although Shelley was a free agent at the time, WWE tried their best to distance themselves from any current or former TNA talents. But that has all blown over now and both Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are free agents. Right now is the perfect time to bring them in as a team and let them turn the division on its head.

The Motor City Machine Guns have already established themselves as a team, they’re the team that WWE needs right now and WWE is the home that this team deserves.