Being a face in professional wrestling isn’t for everyone. They say that the persona of a professional wrestler should be an extension of their personality and the fact of the matter is that not everyone is a good guy. There are certain WWE superstars that should heels and there are others who make much better faces. We put together a short list of WWE superstars that we think just work much better as heels.


#5 – Big E


Since turning face last year Big E has received a pretty decent push but it seems that WWE is having a tough time getting the crowd behind him. Big E is talented in the ring but over the past few months the WWE hasn’t given us much of a reason to get emotionally invested in Big E. His matches are always entertaining but he lacks character.

Anyone who’s ever heard Big E talk knows that he works better as the strong silent type, because when Big E does get mic time it doesn’t do anything to help him get over with the fans. This man is a wrecking ball and he would work a lot better as a silent heel with a manager because since turning face he really hasn’t gotten much of a reaction from the crowd.



#4 – Sheamus


First of all let’s get this out of the way, as far as Sheamus goes there’s absolutely nothing wrong with his in ring style. Sheamus always delivers quality matches and he works harder than just about anyone on the roster but there’s definitely something about his personality that doesn’t seem to click with the WWE Universe.

Sheamus is one of those stars who most likely work better as an anti-hero as opposed to a straight up hero. His promos sometimes become painful and tough to sit through as he’s sort of developed into the Irish version of John Cena instead of an alternative to Cena. Not only that but if you took a shot every time he mentioned drinking a pint, told some weird story about Ireland or said the word “fella” you’d be drunk in no time.

As a face in the PG Era Sheamus has been forced to try getting a reaction out of the fans by kissing their asses and that just doesn’t seem to work all that well. Sucking up to the crowd all the time isn’t really a great way to get over but it’s obvious the audience enjoys his work in the ring. Still for someone who works as hard as he does he should probably be getting a better reaction. Sheamus is a destructive force in the ring and everyone loved him as a heel. It might be time to give him another run as a bad guy.



#3 – Randy Orton


There are no two ways about it, Randy Orton is a natural heel. Randy just doesn’t work all that well as a face and the only reason WWE turned him in the first place is because people loved to cheer for his heel character. This is another area where WWE seems to get it wrong in the PG Era. When people start cheering the bad guy and you want to make him face, you don’t always have to change his persona, changing his opponents should do the trick just fine.

As a face Randy got boring pretty fast. He stopped doing the outrageous and evil things that made people love him and he was extremely limited in his promos. Randy Orton as a face lacks personality which makes it pretty hard to root for him. Since turning heel again Randy has been able to breathe new life into his character as he’s cutting some of his best promos yet and putting on some of the best matches of his career.

This isn’t to say that Randy Orton as a face couldn’t work if done correctly, but we’re sure happy to have him as a heel again.



#2 – The Miz


It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where WWE went wrong with The Miz but his face turn certainly didn’t help his momentum. Not too ago The Miz was the top heel in the company, he was WWE Champion and he even went on to headline WrestleMania 27. Now here we are a few short years later and The Miz is barely even used on WWE programming. That’s a pretty steep drop if you ask us.

On the road to WrestleMania 27 The Miz had to fight for the spotlight as most of the attention was given to John Cena and The Rock. More often than not The Miz managed to hang with The Rock and Cena which is a testament to how good of a heel he was at the time. The Miz was cocky, annoying, loud, evil and just about everything the WWE needs in a top heel. You may not have liked him but that was the point.

The Miz is now another generic face character that’s forced to kiss the ass of WWE audiences everywhere and the crowd kind of hates him for it. Someone with this much personality should be getting a big reaction from the fans but The Miz has had a tough time making people care since turning face. WWE pulled the trigger on his face turn at the wrong time and unfortunately for The Miz he’s been stuck in career limbo ever since.



#1 – Alberto Del Rio


There is no upside to this one, Alberto Del Rio is just a terrible face. Since debuting in WWE a few years ago Alberto Del Rio has been pushed to the moon as he’s been WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, a Royal Rumble winner and he even won money in the bank not too long ago. Despite all of these accolades he just hasn’t connected with the fans the way WWE hoped he would. Alberto was having a tough time getting over as a heel but when WWE turned him face it was downright bizarre and it came out of nowhere.

WWE did everything in their power to make us cheer for this guy last year right down to having him convert Daniel Bryan’s catchphrase to Spanish (Si! Si! Si!) but it was just too weird. Sometimes the creative team just doesn’t take the hint and they even put him against a heel Jack Swagger at WrestleMania 29 in a World Heavyweight Championship match that no one wanted to see. After many failed attempts at getting over with the WWE audience it seems that Alberto Del Rio has fallen from the top of the card straight to the bottom. It’s too bad because honestly his matches can be pretty entertaining when he’s paired up with the likes of Rey Mysterio of Christian.

The truth is Alberto Del Rio is a natural heel and turning him face was an epic failure. His aristocrat character just makes you want to hate him, unless of course he’s facing off against BOO-Tista then the cheers will flow like water.


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