WrestleMania season is here which means Hall of Fame announcements are coming with it. WWE recently announced Sting as the headliner for this year’s Hall of Fame class and everyone’s wondering who else will be inducted in 2016.

WhatCulture is reporting that a source high up in WWE has leaked details about this year’s class. However it was stressed that the leak should be treated as a rumor for now.

The first name on the list is The Fabulous Freebirds. Now this one isn’t much of a surprise as it’s been rumored for a long time that they would be inducted as part of this year’s class.

The most surprising name on the list is Regis Philbin who is mentioned as possibly being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame’s celebrity wing.

Former WWE Women’s Champion Jacqueline is also on the list. It’s mentioned that she’s Dallas born and that her hometown helped her score the induction.

Another name on the list is former WWE Champion and current WWE commentator John Bradshaw Layfield. This is another one that’s been rumored recently although it’s been reported that his induction wasn’t a lock. It’s mentioned that JBL will be rebranded as a Hall of Famer moving forward.

The last name from the leak is Charles Wright who WWE fans know as Papa Shango, Kama and The Godfather. Wright will apparently be inducted as The Godfather.

Once again this leak should simply be treated as a rumor for now but it doesn’t seem all that far off considering that two of the names have been rumored for months now.