Throughout wrestling history there have been many different titles and championships for which wrestlers have fought to hold.

Many different wrestling promotions from all over the world have had their own titles with their own concepts and sometimes those concepts stick around forever and then other times they just don’t.

Sometimes however a belt gets retired although it could still be a great asset to any company in the modern era of wrestling. Let’s take a look at 4 championships that could easily make a comeback.


4. The Women’s Championship



When you think about the best of the best in women’s professional wrestling you think of the WWE (or then WWF) women’s championship. Sadly this prestigious title was abandoned in favor of the WWE Divas title a few years ago but it would be nice if it were the other way around. It might not be a bad idea to swap out the Divas title and replace it with the women’s title at some point in the future. Using the older belt with more prestige brings more prestige to the division as a whole plus the actual belt itself doesn’t look like a piece of candy you could get from a machine for a quarter.


3. The TV Title


Television titles are a actually a great concept and a great way to get a wrestler some recognition and fast. Many companies such as WCW, ROH, and ECW have used a TV title and to much success. The TV title is supposed to get defended and often and if done right it can lead to quite a few successful defenses for the champion in a short period of time which makes them look like a strong fighting champion and in turn gives instant credibility to whoever beats them.

A good example of a show that could use a TV title is WWE Main Event. Unify the US and IC title keep one and then introduce the TV title. Make it so that the TV title has to be defended every Wednesday on Main Event. This does many things such as makes Main Event look more important, instantly gives a title credibility, and it also gives you the chance to build up a good midcard superstar fast.


2. The Hardcore Title


The hardcore title was something that was quite popular during the attitude era. WWE (once again then WWF) had one, WCW had one and ECW’s style was just hardcore all the time so they didn’t need one. The WWF hardcore championship saw its fair share of brutal matches in its time and there still might be a place for it in today’s WWE. A title like this would be best only defended at PPVs and the occasional Raw so that the shock of the hardcore match doesn’t wear off.

Hardcore isn’t popular in today’s WWE but it seems as if WWE is always searching for some sort of gimmick or gimmick match to boost buys for their PPV so having a hardcore title match at every PPV gives them that gimmick instantly.


1. Cruiserweight Championship


The time has arguably never been better for the WWE to set up a cruiserweight division and it could also be argued that they need it more than ever. WWE has quite a few smaller guys that want to use their high flying style but don’t get tv time. Giving a bunch of smaller guys like Tyson Kidd, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, and Justin Gabriel a platform where they could do something similar to what the x-division is doing right now it would really improve the overall WWE landscape.

WWE needs a legitimate division of high flyers and now that Rey Mysterio is back he could help kickstart a cruiserweight renaissance. This type of action could give the audience a much needed break from the same old thing and could also potentially draw in new fans. All around a cruiserweight division sounds like it would be best for business.