The wrestling world is an interesting place. It’s a place full of fun stories and fun facts.

Today you’re going to learn a little but more about your favorite wrestlers and their careers.

Here are 3 random wrestling facts.

1. Randy Orton Once Used CM Punk’s Entrance Music

Before CM Punk used “This Fire Burns” Randy Orton tried it out to see how it fit. Check it out in the video above. What do you think? Who used it better?



2. Yoshi Tatsu Once Beat Up Sheamus?


Don’t think Yoshi Tatsu can beat up Sheamus? Think again.


So, back when Yoshi Tatsu, Sheamus and Ted DiBiase Jr. were all in WWE’s Florida developmental territory, the three grapplers lived together in some type of wacky sitcom-ready situation. But all was not well in the household, as Sheamus reportedly had a problem with using other people’s things without permission. One day, Tatsu and DiBiase had enough and confronted the Celtic Warrior, catching him redhanded with one of their protein mixers. Sheamus got heated and hurled the mixer at Tatsu.

Now, the story goes that on account of Tatsu’s training in the New Japan Dojo and the fact that he is “very good with his hands,” the Japanese wrestler caught the protein mixer in the air (we like to think it was only centimeters away from DiBiase’s horrified, helpless face). Then, Tatsu allegedly stomped across the kitchen and proceeded to open up a can on Sheamus, with some reports even characterizing the beating as bad enough to elicit tears from the future WWE Champion.


3. Roddy Piper Has Never Competed At Summerslam

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

After 26 years of Summerslam being a marquee event for the WWE you would think that Roddy Piper would have competed at quite a few but the sad fact is that he has never had a match at Summerslam. Not only that but Roddy is arguably one of the greatest wrestlers to never hold the world title. Oh well who needs titles and Summerslam when you can rock a kilt and smash a coconut over Jimmy Snuka’s head.