alexa bliss

Since the brand extension, Alexa Bliss is considered by many to be one of the breakout stars on SmackDown Live. Bliss has won the SmackDown Women’s Championship twice. She will be holding the title heading into Wrestlemania 33 and she will defend it in a huge match at the event.

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However, it’s being reported by Sportskeeda that WWE officials are upset with Alexa Bliss about the quality of her in-ring work. She’s been praised for her character and work on the microphone, but she is getting a lot of criticism for her lack of chemistry with her opponents.

WWE officials have intentionally been having Bliss work with Becky Lynch whenever possible because they feel she’s the only one Bliss has chemistry with in the ring. Although they are crediting Lynch for making the matches “passable” with Alexa, which isn’t a good thing.

The last straw was this week on SmackDown. WWE’s road agents were said to be displeased with the match Alexa Bliss had with Mickie James and were upset that she couldn’t perform with a veteran like James. This news is a little surprising, so there will be more updates soon.