JBL has received a lot of bad press as a result of the situation with Mauro Ranallo. The WWE Universe’s opinion on him has definitely changed. A lot of people are asking or even telling the powers that be to fire him now that several former WWE talents have come forward.

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In all likelihood, it seems that Mauro Ranallo’s WWE career is over. The WWE Universe has shown great support for him, and WWE officials are working out a deal to stop the backlash against the company and JBL. The belief is that JBL won’t be punished for his behavior.

However, that doesn’t mean WWE officials intend to do nothing to improve his image with the WWE Universe. It has been reported by CageSideSeats that JBL will be undergoing character changes at the announce desk. Going forward, he will start working a babyface role on SmackDown.

Bradshaw has been a good heel commentator, but he will need to ease up on commentary for the foreseeable future until all the bad press is forgotten. Over time, the WWE Universe should forgive him if the “bullying” stops immediately. The question is how long it will take?


    Punish someone for their terrible bullying by changing their persona?

  • KennyD

    Oh for heaven’s sakes … It’s pro wrestling and IF you are the NEW GUY ; you get picked on for awhile like in many professions …
    However; with everyone being so thin skinned , and pussies ..anymore …. And; least we forget Lawsuit happy …. No One wants to Man Up like they have a pair …. Just cry , pi** , and moan and maybe you can get a BIG Paycheck if we don’t sue ….
    No wonder our county and world is falling apart …Nothing but Snowflakes everywhere you look ….

    • brandon120

      you do realize that the man who was picked on is bipolar and hardly a snowflake…..damn conservative douchbags

    • Matthew Litteral

      Dude, fuck that. JBL is a piece of shit, has been for a long time, was a shit wrestler, now a shit commentator. he should have been fired a long time ago,

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  • Matt Kayser

    Because it’s his on-screen persona that needs fixing. Riiiight.

  • reed richards

    i could tell that he was toning down his heel tactics on smackdown last week. No one was complaining that he was a heel commentator. Not saying that he is commentary is that good but that literally solves nothing. it also show that they have no understanding of anything. there is obviously things that wwe needs to change in their backstage culture. changing someone’s character is the definition of arbitrary. i also don’t know that causing one of your coworkers to quit their job is the best way to turn face.