Rusev was a part of the Greatest Royal Rumble in a Casket Match vs The Undertaker and everyone was excited to celebrate Rusev Day in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. But all of a sudden, Rusev was pulled from the match and replaced by Chris Jericho. Then only a few days later, Rusev was put back in the match to face The Undertaker.

It was actually odd because I had spoken to Jericho hours before the second change was announced and he sounded very excited about what was coming up on April 27th and even called himself the King Of The Casket Match in the process.

Brad Shepard from recently reported that the TMZ video we thought caused so many problems for Rusev might have actually been to blame for this in the end.

But apparently, once people figured out that The Undertaker wasn’t offended the decision was made for the Lion Of Bulgaria to be put in the match once again.

“A source in WWE told me that somebody in the office was definitely rubbed the wrong way by the initial comments Rusev made to TMZ (where he referenced Undertaker as being old). WWE is very sensitive to the potential of offending old timers they realized Undertaker wasn’t offended. They put Rusev back in the match.”

Only time will tell if WWE changes their match up again before the Greatest Royal Rumble rolls around but at this time they’re airing pretty flashy promo packages for the Casket Match so they might need to be absolutely certain about it at this point.

The fact that WWE is changing up plans like this could signify how they view this big show in the end because it’s still a massive undertaking and the start of a profitable partnership between WWE and Saudi Arabia, but the card might not be set in stone. Let’s just hope Chris Jericho’s removal from the Casket Match doesn’t mean he’ll be missing Saudi Arabia altogether and it only means that Rusev isn’t in the Dead Man’s doghouse.