Charlotte finally turned her back on her two time Hall of Famer father last night on Raw after successfully defending her Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules without his input.

Since Charlotte became Champion at last year’s Night of Champions event by defeating Nikki Bella for the now retired Divas Championship, many of the WWE Universe have stated that all of the “genetically superior” women’s accomplishments are down to her father.

This seems to be the belief of many of the WWE Universe when in fact Charlotte has become a supreme athlete all on her own and if you cast your mind back to Night of Champions in September, Charlotte won the Championship all on her own, without her dad and without the help of PCB.

Charlotte actually made history at Extreme Rules when she became the first woman to appear at eleven consecutive pay-per-view events. Charlotte has competed at every main roster event since Battleground last year and if WWE factored in Roadblock and Live From Madison Square Garden back in October then technically she has appeared at 13.

Charlotte always stood out above the rest of the Women down in NXT and was one of the incredible four horsewomen who put women’s wrestling in NXT on the map. She has since become the only former NXT Women’s Champion to make this much of an impact on the main roster since the inaugural champion Paige.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Charlotte has been over shadowed by her father since he was brought into her story line, she debuted as a character with the name of his hometown and even integrated his music in with hers but bringing him into her story line was already considered to be a step to far.

The formation of Ric and Charlotte had become stale a long time ago and thankfully WWE had picked up on this and will now allow Charlotte to head in her own direction without Ric holding her back.

As already stated, Charlotte has what it takes to be one of the greatest heel women’s wrestlers of the current division and now WWE have joined her with Dana Brooke, the sky is the limit for two of the most athletic women in WWE currently.

Charlotte has had what it takes for many months but many fans have always favored Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch above her for the Women’s Championship. Becky and Sasha played their part in the triple threat match at WrestleMania that crowned the first ever Women’s Champion and there is a reason WWE chose Charlotte over the other two much more popular women.

Right now WWE fans favor Becky and Sasha because they are incredible to watch, whilst it is hard to guess which Paige will come out to the ring anymore given the amount of times she has turned face and heel, Natalya is already a heavily favored face which leaves Charlotte as the most hated heel currently.

Her father has done a lot to help her become such a hated star over the past few months but more than anything it has been Charlotte’s extension of her character and her ability to adapt that has allowed her to become a great heel star.

Dana Brooke has already proved her worth in NXT and even though she made a confusing interruption to Charlotte’s match at Extreme Rules, it has now been made clear that both women are set to be a part of a team that could take over the women’s division in the near future.

The sad part is that this was obviously a spare of the moment decision since WWE obviously had plans for Emma and Dana going forward, but Emma’s injury has obviously pushed them towards a formation between Charlotte and Dana instead, which could be an ingenious decision.

WWE obviously have high hopes for the second generation wrestler and it is easy to see why, her character, her in-rig skill and her family wrestling background have obviously all been factored in. The fact that she has already made history and could be en-route to setting an incredible reign record with the Women’s Championship bodes well for her future with the company. It will definitely be interesting to see who steps forward as Charlotte’s next challenger as Money in the Bank looms in the distance.