Zelina Vega has been a very hot topic in the world of professional wrestling after she was released from her WWE contract for refusing to remove her Twitch account, and for creating an OnlyFans account.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was Mark Carrano who informed Zelina Vega of her release. When she was told of her release she asked to speak with Vince McMahon, and she was told that Vince did not want to speak with her.

Zelina Vega was then reportedly escorted out of the building. She was informed of her release on 11/13, and WWE made the official announcement about 15 minutes after she was informed.

It was recently reported that when Zelina Vega opened her OnlyFans account that WWE, specifically Vince McMahon, saw it as a breach of contract, and that her release was meant to serve as a reminder that WWE’s new third party edict will be strictly enforced.

Zelina Vega has since returned to Twitch.