The WWE brand extension returned last summer and now both Raw and SmackDown Live have their own unique rosters. It’s hard to argue that the brand split has been a success, as it’s created opportunities for WWE stars who normally wouldn’t get them and it’s allowed certain talents to move up the card.

One star who has benefited greatly from the WWE brand split is none other than AJ Styles. Throughout his run on SmackDown Live AJ Styles has managed to prove that he’s a top guy who belongs in a top spot, and he even carried the brand as the WWE Champion for several months.

AJ Styles is currently involved in a feud with Shane McMahon and they’re expected to face off at WrestleMania 33. Their feud was elevated to the next level this week when AJ Styles ambushed Shane McMahon and put his head through a car window.

Following the vicious attack, SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan decided to fire AJ Styles, and there’s speculation that WWE could be moving AJ Styles to Raw.

Cagesideseats notes that the current rumor going around is that Vince McMahon does want to move AJ Styles to Raw, but he’s not the only star that Vince wants to move.

It looks like Vince McMahon also has his eyes on the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time, The New Day, and he’s interested in trading them to SmackDown.

With AJ Styles getting fired by Daniel Bryan, the door is obviously wide open for him to go to Raw. It remains to be seen how The New Day would be moved to the blue brand, if they’re even moved at all, but there’s always the option of moving them in the WWE draft¬†which is rumored to be taking place a little earlier this year.

It’s official folks, Roman Reigns is going to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. According to Roman Reigns he’s going to be the man that retires The Undertaker and we’re talking about whether or not it should happen on this week’s episode of Still Real Radio. You can check out the latest episode below and if you like what you hear, please subscribe to the show on iTunes.