triple h

Fans have been waiting months to see Triple H and Seth Rollins collide at WrestleMania 33. But the match was put in jeopardy a few weeks ago when Seth Rollins re-injured his knee after he was attacked by Samoa Joe on WWE Raw.

Seth’s status for WrestleMania 33 has been up in the air, and it was recently reported that he’s been cleared for base work, but he’s currently not cleared to work a full match. It’s been rumored that WWE could have Triple H and Seth Rollins face off in some sort of brawl at WrestleMania, and it looks like that’s where this feud is headed.

On Raw this week a special video package aired with a doctor who has been working with Seth as he rehabs his knee, and he said that no doctor in America would clear Seth for WrestleMania 33.

Triple H later made his way down to the ring for a sit down interview with Michael Cole and he talked some serious trash about Seth Rollins. Triple H was about to leave the ring after he handed Michael Cole a few tickets to WrestleMania and told Cole to give them to Seth.

Hunter then changed his mind and he said that he’s going to draw up a contract for a non-sanctioned match, and if Seth Rollins wants to face him at WrestleMania, he can show up next week and sign it.