Booker T has been around the wrestling business for a long time, and he often discusses his opinions on his Reality of Wrestling podcast. Recently the Hall of Famer got the wrestling world talking when he mentioned Adam Cole and said, “We gotta get more weight on Adam Cole, you know what I mean? That’s his problem, he’s light, bottom light. We gotta get some muscle on this kid.”

There are many people in the wrestling world who had strong opinions about Booker’s comments, and former AEW World Champion Adam Page seemingly shared his reaction when he posted the following on Twitter:

“i just hope that when im old and retired i don’t lower myself to some shit ass podcast where i trash the younger generation that’s just chasing the same fortune wrestling has afforded me”

Booker T went to clarify on a recent episode of his podcast that he likes Adam Cole, he’s a fan of Cole, and he wasn’t trying to hate on him. Booker added, “If I didn’t like Adam Cole, I wouldn’t be saying that we need to get some muscle on him. I’d be saying a whole lot worse than that.”