The Undertaker is one of the most legendary WWE stars of all time, and for many years he did everything he could to protect The Deadman character.

Fans saw very little of the man behind the gimmick throughout the course of his career, but he’s been openly doing interviews and giving fans a look behind the curtain ever since he indicated that his in-ring career is over following WrestleMania 36.

The former WWE Champion recently spoke to Ariel Helwani of ESPN about breaking character, and he confirmed that it feels odd for him at times.

“Absolutely it is. And I catch myself a lot of times thinking ‘Do I wanna say that or do I want to give that much up?’ I fight those tendencies to protect the business. I mean it’s just ingrained in me, I guess.”

Taker went on to say that there’s still an old school part of him that wants to keep things under wraps.

“It’s tough for me still, because it’s that old school part of me that wants to keep everything behind the wraps or behind the curtains. But, cat’s out of the bag now, as they say right?”

The Undertaker will be appearing at Survivor Series for his Final Farewell on Sunday. WWE is reportedly bringing in some big names for the event, and you can get more on that here.

H/T Sportskeeda

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