the undertaker

The Undertaker is one of the most mysterious WWE Superstars of all time, but recently he’s been pulling the curtain back and showing off the man behind the gimmick.

The former WWE Champion has been opening up in his WWE Network documentary “The Undertaker: The Last Ride” and he’s also been doing a good number of out of character interviews lately.

One thing that Taker has been discussing more frequently as of late is his relationship with Vince McMahon, and he recently noted on the Bill Simmons Podcast that the Chairman of the Board is misunderstood.

“I think most people think he’s just this tyrant. He really, and you only get to see it if you’re close to him, like, for years, he’s such a giving person, he really is, he’s a really kind, giving person. He knows how to run business, obviously, but he’s just a genuinely caring and giving person.

For years, all the charities that we worked with, there was no publicity about any of it. We worked with Make-A-Wish Foundation for years and you never heard a word about it, because that’s not what he was about. It was from his heart. It’s like Tribute to the Troops, every year, whether it be Iraq or Afghanistan, he was on that plane with us. I don’t think people realize what a big heart that he has and how much he cares about the people around him.”

Part four of “The Undertaker: The Last Ride” will premiere on the WWE Network on Sunday, June 14.