stephanie mcmahon

Title opportunities are hard to come by in the world of professional wrestling, and originally Sabu was set to challenge for the ECW World Title in the Elimination Chamber match at the December to Dismember pay-per-view in 2006.

However, Sabu was pulled from the match, and during a recent interview with Title Match Wrestling he revealed that Stephanie McMahon asked him to read a 3 page script, but he tore it up instead.

“They didn’t try to cater to me at all. They just treated me like I was another guy….Stephanie McMahon, she wasn’t taking no for an answer. She either took no for an answer or she got rid of it [the problem]. I was supposed to be in an Elimination Chamber match that Sunday. They had me do an angle where I hurt my arm, and they took me out of it.”

Sabu was ultimately replaced by Hardcore Holly, and in the end it was Bobby Lashley who won the match and the ECW Title. Unfortunately for Sabu some fans think that he wasn’t in the match because he no-showed.

“I had a guy the other day say, ‘Hey, remember that time in WWE when you no-showed? What happened?’” Sabu continued. “He goes, ‘Yeah, I bought the DVD and you’re on the cover, but you’re not nowhere in it.’ Because I wouldn’t cut that promo, Stephanie McMahon took me out of it.”

H/T Sportskeeda