samoa joe

Who else is pumped for the Great Balls Of Fire main event between Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe? And if you’re reading this after July 9th, wasn’t that a great match?! Samoa Joe was destructive on the way leading up to Great Balls Of Fire and ventured into new territory as he made Brock Lesnar seem like he could be legitimately beaten. But most people could have only dreamed Joe would be where he is at this point if it weren’t for a few friends he made along the way.

Joe credits people like Paul Heyman, Road Dogg, Christian, Joey Mercury, and others that got in Triple H’s ear and convinced him to take a meeting with the Samoan Submission Machine.

Who would have thought a guy who went to TNA and started a stable called VKM would turn out to be the head writer on SmackDown Live? The fact that Joe choked out Paul Heyman is even better now knowing this as well.

Joe recently spoke to Edge and Christian on their Pod Of Awesomeness and talked about leaving TNA with no offer on the table from WWE. It’s a good thing Joe met some really awesome people along the way that could help him out later on.

Joe also said he doesn’t get nervous before going through the curtain. But he does have to hype himself up. Although there were a couple of times in NXT that tickled his spine just like the old days.

“I’m not a ‘nervous at the curtain guy’ or whatever. Like I’ll do stuff to kinda get pumped up. Literally, I’m not trying to snap my nerves I’m trying to pump myself to like — realize ‘alright wake up, we’re starting to go.’ Yeah, people who see me on the curtain are usually like, ‘yeah until he gets like, serious he’s pretty much like (makes whistling noise).”

“But that was honestly like probably outside of the first couple matches in developmental walking out there for NXT was one of those few times when I was actually really super just like felt nervous. You know, which I really hadn’t felt in forever.”

“It was great! It’s like it had been so long since I felt that tickle down the spine like it kinda like shot me, got the adrenaline going again and then like that endorphin rush and it’s like it kinda reminded my like ‘wow, I remember when it was like this every time I’m walking through the curtain.’ And I really remember what it was like when I was out there and it really got in my head and it was a shot of energy.”

If you use any quotes from this article please credit Edge and Christian’s Pod Of Awesomeness and Still Real To Us for the transcription.