matt hardy

Earlier this year Matt Hardy’s WWE contract expired, and he decided not to sign a new deal with the company. Instead Matt went on to take a different path, and he’s currently part of the All Elite Wrestling roster.

Back in April WWE announced coronavirus related budget cuts, and former United States Champion Rusev was released from his contract as part of the cuts.

WWE recently posted a video of Rusev vs. Roman Reigns from the 2016 Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, and in the tweet they tagged Roman Reigns, but not Rusev.

The former WWE star responded by telling WWE’s Twitter account to tag his handle @ToBeMiro.

When one fan noted that WWE recently did the same thing to Matt Hardy, Matt noted that it’s company policy not to acknowledge talents outside the WWE umbrella.

“WWE social media folks aren’t allowed to mention talent like @ToBeMiro, because they now only exist in the entire professional wrestling universe, as opposed to solely @WWE. It’s just their policy. I love how
@AEWrestling acknowledges all of pro wrestling, competition or not..”

One fan called Matt bitter for talking about WWE, but Matt responded by saying he’s grateful for his time with WWE when he posted the following:

“You’ve been supportive of me over the years. I appreciate that. do you get I’m bitter or hate
@WWE out of this? It’s what you’ve made it in your mind & it’s not true. I am grateful to WWE & am merely stating truth & facts here. How is that wrong?”