cody rhodes

Back in 2019 Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were expected to leave WWE when their contracts expired, and it was rumored that they were AEW bound.

Gallows and Anderson recently confirmed that they were in talks with AEW, and they were close to signing a deal, but in the end they made a business decision and they signed new contracts with WWE.

Cody Rhodes recently spoke to ESPN about his negotiations with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, and he confirmed that there are no hard feelings over them not signing with AEW.

They were at the finish line. They were. Luke Gallows, like I said. Luke Gallows will step over $100 to get to a dime. There’s no one like him. And I mean this totally lovingly. He’s not even a good friend of mine. That was a business decision that they made and there are no hard feelings over it.

When asked if AEW would consider signing Gallows and Anderson in the future Cody Rhodes noted that there’s always a chance it could happen.

“There’s always a chance. I have to be really careful about what I say online when it comes to anything. … There is never a never. One thing about AEW is we don’t know what AEW fully is yet. That’s a beautiful thing. That’s why jumping on now as a fan is the best. It’s growing. The scouting report, throw it out the window. AEW is absolutely unpredictable and remains unpredictable.”

It remains to be seen whether they will sign with AEW someday, but Gallows and Anderson recently signed deals with Impact Wrestling that also allow them to work with New Japan.