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Daniel Bryan’s body went through a lot of damage but during the period when he wasn’t cleared for action, Bryan got an extensive amount of time off. His body did a lot of healing on it’s own in those two years and while the hyperbaric chamber therapy treatments didn’t hurt the fact is we’re still learning new things about our own brains every day when it comes to its natural healing ability.

But Daniel Bryan was cleared for an in-ring return and everyone was super excited about it too. After all, fans wanted a return to the ring for Daniel Bryan since before he had to retire the first time.

Triple H recently did an interview with ESPN where he said he was glad Daniel Bryan is staying with WWE to wrestle because he was afraid of him working elsewhere.

“Part of me was so afraid in the period of time when it [was] all going down that he was going to walk and say ‘forget it’ and go wrestle for someone else that doesn’t care, that doesn’t take their health into consideration — because that’s pretty much everywhere else — and risk his life and his health and his family and his baby and risk all of it. And it’s not worth that. We take enough risk every day in what we do. Every day.”

Triple H also brought up the fact that Daniel Bryan was preparing for his in-ring return on his own. Whether he was taking bumps is not WWE’s doing because what Bryan did to prepare was on him. While Daniel Bryan was going to all of the doctors that WWE wanted him to see, he was preparing on his own time because whether WWE likes it or not, Daniel Bryan would have wrestled again.

This interview was mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio and Dave Meltzer certainly seemed to have a lot to say on the matter as he broke down Triple H’s comments in with precision.

“If he was not cleared by WWE [Daniel Bryan] would have wrestled in October for Ring Of Honor and New Japan and he would be in exactly the same shape as he is today but he’d be wrestling for them and not WWE. He’d be in no other danger than wrestling for WWE than the other people. If anything he might be a little more healthier because he’d have six more months off.”

“Granted if he were wrestling for Ring Of Honor or New Japan he’s not getting impact testing after every single match he wouldn’t have to make that deal to get back in the ring which he did. So that is a difference. However, as far as the real safety for him he’s no more safer wrestling for WWE as he is anywhere else.”

Bryan Alvarez brought up how Triple H would probably bring up the fact that WWE restricts move sets to limit the possibility of injury, but Meltzer replied that Daniel Bryan’s going to do what he’s going to do either way.

“Did they stop him from taking that powerbomb?” Meltzer continued, “the powerbomb on the apron — first day. You can say that but here’s the thing, did they stop Shane McMahon from wrestling at WrestleMania [while currently in need of a hernia operation]? Did they stop Dean Ambrose from working for months with a torn triceps? Did they stop Kurt Angle from wrestling against Brock Lesnar? It’s like you can not give me that holier than thou stuff. It’s like did they stop [Tommaso] Ciampa from coming back with a blown out knee and ending up with two or three surgeries because he blew out his knee and came back to wrestle a phenomenal match two days later.”

He continued saying that there will be guys to do stupid things in the ring and possibly work when they really shouldn’t but WWE can’t stick to the story all the time.

Maybe Daniel Bryan should have remained retired because he would have certainly been safer that way. But as he fought for his dreams, Daniel Bryan got what he wanted. Let’s just hope it turns out to be the best decision in the end.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit Wrestling Observer Live wtih a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription

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