superstar shake up

Now that WrestleMania Week is over, fans are looking ahead to the next episode of Monday Night Raw, as it will mark the beginning of the two night WWE Superstar Shake-Up.

There’s been a lot of speculation in regards to who could be switching brands next week, and it looks like some big names could potentially be moving from Raw to SmackDown Live.

Still Real To Us reader Clint Hester recently got in touch and forwarded us an e-mail from Ticketmaster promoting a pre-sale which shows Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Sasha Banks and Asuka being advertised for the SmackDown branded live event at the BancorpSouth Arena in Tupelo, MS on Sunday, June 10th.

You can check out a screenshot below.

After seeing the e-mail we can confirm it was sent from Ticketmaster and the link attached to the advertisement does lead directly to the official event page on the Ticketmaster website.

Whether or not this means Reigns, Rollins, Banks and Asuka will definitely end up switching brands remains to be seen, as cards are always subject to change, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

It’s also interesting to note that the official website for the BancorpSouth Arena was originally advertising Asuka for the event, but after news of the advertisement started making the rounds on the internet, The Empress of Tomorrow was removed from the listing. So, it appears someone may have jumped the gun.

Plans can always change at the last minute in WWE, but if these recent advertisements are any indication in regards to who could be switching brands next week, it looks like WWE might be making some big moves.