On March 1st Matt Hardy’s WWE contract expired, and last week he officially made his debut with All Elite Wrestling when he appeared on Dynamite.

This week Matt Hardy was advertised for a face to face confrontation with Chris Jericho on Dynamite, but it was Vanguard 1 who confronted Jericho first.

Chris Jericho tried to talk Vanguard 1 into joining The Inner Circle, but Vanguard 1 rejected Jericho’s offer and flew away.

The cameras then cut to Matt Hardy in the stands, and he teleported several times throughout Daily’s Place before arriving at the ringside area.

Hardy and Jericho went back and forth for a while, and Jericho tried to get Matt Hardy to join The Inner Circle.

Matt explained that he’s fighting alongside The Elite because he owes the Bucks of Youth a debt for resurrecting Broke Matt.

Jericho tried his best to change Matt’s mind, but when it became clear that Matt wouldn’t be joining The Inner Circle Jericho called on Sammy Guevara to attack Matt from behind.

Guevara and Jericho beat Hardy down until Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes made the save with chairs to end the show.

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