matt hardy

When The Hardy Boyz returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33, everyone was wondering if we would be seeing Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero, or Matt and Jeff Hardy. Well, lately we’ve been getting mostly just Matt and Jeff Hardy with hints of Broken Matt Hardy here and there.

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Matt Hardy has assured fans that he will become fully “broken” once the “OBSOLETE owl” has been “DELETED” but no one’s quite sure when the deletion is coming. Most fans are already well aware that Matt Hardy and Impact Wrestling are battling over the rights to the gimmick, as each party is claiming ownership, and the wrestling world is hanging in suspense waiting for the outcome of this great war.

The case has yet to go to court, and earlier today a fans responded to a comment on a Dutch Mantell tweet with the following:

“If Matt knew he had a case he’d be trying to get this in front of a judge ASAP. If Anthem was avoiding court, Reby would let us know.”

Dutch then decided to respond to the fan by indicating that House Hardy doesn’t have a case.

All throughout this battle Reby Hardy has remained anything but quiet, and she went right after Dutch when he made the comment about them not having a case.

Dutch then tried to calm Reby Hardy down by telling her to think of her baby.

Then the Broken One himself decided to join the conversation.

Dutch again tried to convince House Hardy to calm down.

One thing’s for sure, no matter where you stand when it comes to this issue, the public bickering back and forth isn’t making anyone look very good right now, so hopefully both sides can reach a peaceful resolution in the near future.