kurt angle

For several weeks, the WWE Universe has been speculating about the secret that has been surrounding Kurt Angle on Raw. The expectation is it will lead to a big return for Stephanie McMahon and eventually push for Angle’s in-ring return against Triple H at Summerslam.

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The General Manager of Raw told Corey Graves and an unknown person on his phone that he will be revealing the mystery behind the angle next week on Raw. However, the rumor mill has an idea regarding what Kurt Angle will reveal to the WWE Universe next Monday.

A lot of people are expecting that Angle will reveal an affair with Stephanie or even Dixie Carter from his past, but it’s been reported by IWNerd that his reveal won’t lead to a match with HHH at Summerslam. Instead, he’s set to reveal the identity of his illegitimate child.

There is some speculation that it could be either Jason Jordan or Chad Gable to utilize them alongside the WWE Hall of Famer. Eventually, Stephanie McMahon may be revealed as the mother, which would lead to the Angle vs. HHH match on the grandest stage of them all.