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When Matt and Jeff traveled through space and time to arrive in WWE most fans were somewhat disappointed they didn’t come with their Broken gimmicks intact. But there were legal issues abound regarding the use of the Broken Universe.

Even though Impact Wrestling (now GFW) couldn’t really use the gimmick without Matt and Jeff under their employ, they still didn’t want to let them use their Broken Matt or Brother Nero characters in WWE.

But on the recent episode of Raw, Matt and Jeff both cut promos that were very broken sounding to say the least. Matt said he’s somewhat Broken and they even dropped the “obsolete” bomb on the WWE Universe.

Some people might not have understood why people got so excited when Matt and Jeff said “delete” or “obsolete,” but they will probably understand in time and it will be delightful.

Dave Meltzer recently commented on an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that these references to the Broken Universe have to be telling signs that headway has been made to fixing the Hardy’s situation which prevented them from using their outstanding gimmicks that took over the entirety of pro wrestling’s 2016.

“Yeah, you could see that either that deal is done and this is the start of the built towards it, or they’re real, real confident that that deal’s about to be done.” Meltzer said referring to the Hardy Boyz making so many Broken references on Raw this week. “I know like about — it was changing everyday, I know they were very close and then it wasn’t so close you know over the last week.”

“But that was a — this is a pretty strong tease. It was the strongest tease by far they’ve done. So I think that that however that thing got settled, it’s pretty much close to settled. It’s gotta be close to settled, if not settled already.”

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