Impact Wrestling is still going through a lot of changes and it seems just when they have things together another star wants to leave the company. Laurel Van Ness is the current Impact Knockouts Champion but apparently, that’s not going to be enough to keep her in the company because she reportedly requested her release from the company last month.

Maybe she has WWE or NXT in her sights but who could tell at this point? Perhaps she just wants to be released from Impact Wrestling so she can pursue other interests? But it could be likely she might have someone on the inside of WWE who could put a good word in for her like her boyfriend, Zack Ryder. Either way, it certainly seems like Laurel Van Ness is on her way out of Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling star Sonjay Dutt recently took part in a teleconference and was asked about Laurel Van Ness’ status with the company and his answer on the subject seemed clear enough.

“Well, to put it simply, she’s the Knockouts Champion, and she’s here” Dutt replied. When asked to confirm if she was indeed still an active part of Impact Wrestling, Dutt confirmed, “she is.”

This is a strange situation in some ways because Sonjay Dutt was telling the truth about the matter seeing how Laurel Van Ness has not been granted her release from Impact Wrestling. But she is expected to be released once she drops her Knockouts Championship.

The word going around is that she asked to be released during the last set of television tapings but Impact Wrestling had placed the Knockouts Championship on her which makes it a tricky situation.

There are a couple ways they could go about Laurel Van Ness leaving Impact Wrestling at this point whether she drops the title during Impact Wrestling’s TV tapings in January or she loses her title at another indy show where a sanctioned match for the Knockouts Championship can be arranged.

But for now, Laurel Van Ness is still under the employ of Impact Wrestling.

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