woken matt hardy

Last week on Raw, Bray Wyatt managed to “awaken” Matt Hardy during their match, but unfortunately for Bray he’s now been sentenced to “DELETION” and it’s safe to say that this situation probably won’t end well for him.

Fans patiently waited for Matt’s “CONDISHTION” to return, but as we learned a few months ago, Matt isn’t the only one with a passenger inside of him.

During Bray Wyatt’s feud with Finn Balor, the world was introduced to Bray’s alter-ego, Sister Abigail.

For years Bray had been talking about Sister Abigail, but when he finally revealed Sister Abigail to the world, fans weren’t too thrilled to find out that the character was basically a Snapchat filter.

Woken Matt Hardy has now informed the world that Bray Wyatt isn’t the only one who has been sentenced to “DELETION” as Sister Abigail has been targeted as well.

Now that Woken Matt Hardy has been arrived, the entire Raw roster has been put on notice, as he also said that there is a “MYRIAD of VILLAINS & DEMONS to DELETE” in WWE.

Hold on tight, the Woken Era has begun.