jeff hardy

WWE has a couple top names currently out rehabbing injuries. It’s a tough sport and as Good ‘ole JR once famously said, “this ain’t ballet” which is a huge understatement. People get little bumps and bruises all the time but Jeff Hardy and Dean Ambrose actually required surgeries to repair the damage they put on their bodies.

PW Insider reports Dean Ambrose is still working hard to get medically cleared for a return. The word backstage at Raw this week was that Dean Ambrose will be heading back to Birmingham, Alabama to meet with his doctors for another check-up later this week.

Ambrose tore his triceps muscle pretty badly and had surgery back in December 2017 so hopefully, he’ll get good news that his recovery is coming along nicely.

If anything, he and wife Renee Young have been really enjoying their time together during his recuperation time which included some much-needed rest and relaxation.

While it might be a little bit of time before the WWE Universe gets another dose of the Lunatic Finge it looks a bit more promising for Jeff Hardy. Well, at least Hardy’s return from injury might be a bit more promising. Jeff still has his recent DWI arrest to deal with and WWE very well might want him to go to some kind of rehab before returning to the road.

But Hardy went to his last scheduled appointment for physical therapy today and he looked rather happy to be concluding this chapter of his recuperation. Hardy was reportedly on hand for the Ultimate Deletion match which will air on Raw next week but his part could always be trimmed if needed.

It would be great to see Jeff Hardy make a return. After all, he’s been missed and since his absence, a lot of exciting things have happened with his brother Matt. It would certainly be a wonderful time to make a return for Jeff Hardy.