all in

All In turned a lot of heads in the pro wrestling world simply due to the fact Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks were able to sell out a 10,000 seat arena in under thirty minutes still leaving many more wanting a ticket for the show who couldn’t get one and can’t afford outrageous secondary market prices.

But this destination event on September 1st could mean a much bigger thing in pro wrestling. Non-WWE wrestling is at the highest it has ever been in the modern-era and WWE realizes that fact. They also know how important their global platform is as well and have seen how someone like Cody Rhodes can go out with his name already meaning something and set the entire world on fire. They even took away Cody’s last name and he still blew up as a megastar on the indies. Needless to say, they don’t want that to happen again.

At this point, WWE is also the biggest they’ve ever been as well. With their two television contracts valued at $1 billion apiece, they aren’t hard up for cash. Therefore they can not only afford to burn some money if it’s necessary, but they can also keep guys under contracts and ride them out even if they’re not using them.

We’ve seen WWE go into the United Kingdom market and snatch up some of the best United Kingdom talents available just so ITV’s World Of Sport program couldn’t get ahold of them. Now WWE is signing even more UK names as it appears they might finally be doing something with that amazing roster once again.

But fans didn’t see a group of roster cuts after WrestleMania this year like we had in the past. For one, they needed as many bodies as they could for the Greatest Royal Rumble. But also, WWE didn’t need to let anyone go.

The WWE Performance Center might be packed and so is the main roster. But it could come down to the idea that WWE is Vince McMahon’s playground and we’re just lucky to watch his imagination at work as he uses his favorite real-life action figures but still has a loaded box of toys he’s not using… but just because he’s not playing with them doesn’t mean he wants anyone else to have them either.

Bryan Alvarez commented during Wrestling Observer Live how WWE saw what Cody Rhodes was able to do once he left the company and it might be a bit startling for some backstage. Although the actual All In event might not concern WWE much at this point, the idea of letting someone else go who could become another Cody Rhodes situation is definitely something they want to stay away from (via Ringside News).

“They are at a point where they don’t have to fire anybody. And if you look at the situation with All In, the concern is not so much if they fire — let me throw out a random name that’s not being used much, Mike Bennett — I’m not saying they should fire Mike Bennett, I’m just saying him because that’s who everyone emails me about.”

“I mean if they fire him I don’t think they’re gravely concerned that he would get booked for All In and they would sell a bunch of tickets. I think the big concern is one of the 3 guys who is arranging All In is Cody Rhodes who ended up leaving the company and he is a way bigger star than he ever was in WWE.”

It’s a good thing WWE seems to have no shortage of money at this point so they can keep a loaded roster and hold onto guys who could do so much more but there’s just no room or creative hasn’t figured out what to do with them. After all, Cody Rhodes was once one of those guys and look at what he ended up doing on his own.