For years Chris Jericho was thought of as a WWE guy, but a few years ago Chris Jericho decided to branch out when he started working matches in NJPW.

During a recent episode of his Oh You Didn’t Know? podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg addressed Chris Jericho’s exit, and he noted that Jericho had a special relationship with Vince McMahon.

“I don’t know exactly the inner workings. Chris was one of those guys that had a very special relationship with Vince and so you didn’t always know what went on behind closed doors that you weren’t privy to.”

While talking about Chris Jericho parting ways with WWE to go work in NJPW, Road Dogg indicated that Vince McMahon didn’t have a big reaction to the move when he added, “It was what it was. It shocked the wrestling world more than it shocked Vince McMahon. I can tell you that for 100%.”

Chris Jericho officially joined All Elite Wrestling in 2019, and he’s currently one of the top stars in the company. It seems that a possible WWE return is not likely to happen anytime soon as Jericho signed a deal with AEW that will keep him with the company through 2025.

H/T Wrestling Inc.