eva marie

Last summer Eva Marie was one of the most talked about stars on SmackDown Live. WWE continuously teased her “debut” but every time she would come to the ring for a match, something happened that would prevent her from wrestling. The gimmick was generating major heat for Eva Marie, and just when the heat reached an all time high, she was suspended for violating the WWE wellness policy. Eva then decided to start focusing on her acting career, and she hasn’t appeared on SmackDown Live since August of 2016.

With the lack of updates on her WWE status, fans saw the writing on the wall, and there weren’t too many people who were shocked when Eva announced last week that she has parted ways with WWE. She’s now going to focus on her acting career full time, but it sounds like we haven’t seen the end of Eva Marie’s wrestling career.

Eva recently spoke to Rolling Stone about what’s next for her career, and she opened up about her WWE departure. She noted that both wrestling and acting require her to put in 110 percent at all times, and for now she’s decided to making acting her priority.

“I have such a great relationship with Vince [McMahon], Paul [“Triple H” Levesque] and Stephanie [McMahon]. They gave me an opportunity to step away and film these two films I have done already, and you never know when that relationship will come back. So I might appear at a SummerSlam or WrestleMania. It just so happens that the wrestling craft, you have to be able to give yourself 110 percent to that. And then with acting, you have to do the same, so we decided together that with the films going back to back. I’m going to put my efforts into acting and growing that way. And then you never know: All Red Everything could come back and snatch that title.”

Eva clearly isn’t ruling out a WWE return someday, as a matter of fact, she claims that she wants to be involved with the company in some shape or form for the next 20 plus years of her career.

“Yes, sure. But my ultimate goal too is to be with WWE for the next 20-plus years. So, just like the Rock does, the name of the game is to be able to take your brand and strategically plan it. And that’s why I’m grateful that WWE allowed me to step away and pursue this acting career.”

Are you going to miss Eva Marie? Would you like to see her return to WWE someday? Sound off in the comments below.

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