enzo amore

Enzo Amore was released from his WWE contract back in January, so it’s been quite some time since he’s officially appeared on WWE programming.

However, Enzo bought a ticket so he could sit at ringside during Survivor Series, and at one point he tried to hijack the show.

On Wednesday night Enzo did a show at the West Side Comedy Club in New York, but before his show kicked off he made his way down to the WWE live event at Madison Square Garden.

While he was outside the arena the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion met with fans and posed for pictures.

During his show Enzo Amore opened up about his attempt to hijack the Survivor Series pay-per-view in Los Angeles, and he said that he did it because he knew Vince McMahon would hate it more than anything in the world.

You can get more on Enzo’s in-depth explanation here.