enzo amore

At this year’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view, the stars of Raw and SmackDown Live went to war, and a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion was also in attendance. Enzo Amore bought a ticket and sat at ringside for the event, but it wasn’t long before fans figured out who he was.

After some time went by, Enzo decided to reveal himself to the live audience as he stood up on his chair and tried to get the live crowd to chant with him.

Enzo’s big moment didn’t last long as security took him down and escorted him to the backstage area.

The former WWE Superstar opened up about his Survivor Series invasion during his show at the West Side Comedy Club in New York on Wednesday, and he claimed that he pulled the stunt because he knew Vince McMahon would hate it.

“Why did I do it? It had nothing to do with my music,” Enzo said via Wrestling Inc. “I’ll tell you why I did it. Because I knew for a fact that Vince McMahon would hate it more than anything in the world, but he would respect the f–k out of it. That’s why I did it. Because it was about one person, and that was it. Because I proved to him that I could beat him at his own game of statistics and numbers, and this & that & the other, and I don’t even work for your company. I broke no laws, I bought a ticket and with that said, I did purchase my ticket. … $2,500. My name was on the ticket, they could’ve found me.”

Enzo went on to say that the security guard who brought him backstage told him that he needed to go see Vince McMahon, and he informed her that he doesn’t work for WWE. He then said that as the cops and security guards were closing in he left through the side door where he had an Uber waiting for him.