Diamond Dallas Page is set to become a WWE Hall of Famer tonight, and his induction has been a long time coming. DDP is a former WCW World Champion, throughout his time with the company he was one of the promotion’s top stars, and he’s set to be inducted by Eric Bischoff.

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DDP has contributed quite a bit to the wrestling business, both in and outside of the ring. During his run with WCW he was the man who many people feel gave Goldberg his best match, and he believes that the current Universal Champion is going to deliver at WrestleMania.

Page recently spoke to Cult of Whatever about his Hall of Fame induction, WrestleMania 33 and more. During the interview he talked about Goldberg’s return to the ring an dhe noted that the Universal Title match is the match he’s most looking forward to watching at WrestleMania.

“Goldberg is there at the age of 49-years-old but he hasn’t had a match yet. A bit like Takers slot, Goldberg is going to deliver for that one match at WrestleMania against Brock. As soon as a saw the finish of their first match at Survivor Series I knew that everything was building to this match at WrestleMania. As far as I’m concerned it is awesome booking, some people may not like it but then they don’t really understand wrestling because that match was not a Royal Rumble match or Backlash, there was only one place that match was ever going to take place and that’s at WrestleMania. They have done a tremendous job building the match and Brock has done an amazing job with the business, Brock kills guys, that’s what he does but he has built Goldberg. Brock v Goldberg is the match I’m most looking forward to at this years WrestleMania. I’m hoping that Bill can be the athlete that he is and I hope that he doesn’t get hurt out there with the beast. For me Brock Lesnar is as tough as it gets from A to Z.”

You can see DDP’s Hall of Fame induction speech tonight on the WWE Network, and you can see Goldberg defend his Universal Title against Brock Lesnar Sunday when WrestleMania 33 airs live.