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In January of 2019 All Elite Wrestling was officially announced, and the company has come a long way since then.

AEW has been on national television with TNT since October of 2019, and the company has also produced quite a few pay-per-view events since its inception.

The company signed a deal that will keep them on TNT through 2023, but despite AEW’s success the brand still has its fair share of naysayers.

Cody Rhodes was recently asked why he thinks it’s hard for people to just sit back and watch wrestling without comparing it to something else, and he had the following response:

“It’s new. It’s unknown. Its also very aggressive in delivery and it’s marketing.

I think the late 90s’ template for the current situation is the only reference people have sometimes, but respectfully that ecosystem doesn’t fit ours.

This is very new territory & it’s fan made.”

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