bully ray

The Dudley Boyz made a name for themselves in ECW, but it didn’t take long for them to find major success in WWE after they jumped to the company in 1999.

Bully Ray recently appeared on Broken Skull Sessions where he talked to Steve Austin about his early days in WWE, and he shared an interesting story about what happened when he asked to talk about “the push” during a meeting with Vince McMahon.

“[We get] a meeting with Jim Ross. What we didn’t know is that it was with Jim Ross and Vince [McMahon]. There we are in JR’s office, just JR and Vince. We’re talking and going over a bunch of stuff.

I remember saying to Vince, ‘Can we talk about the push?’. Because back in those days, you talked about your push. He said ‘Bubba, there is no such thing as the push. However, there is opportunity.’ That was a big learning moment for me right there, as far as how WWE [was going to operate].”

The WWE Hall of Famer also noted that he told Vince McMahon that The Dudley Boyz were old school heels, so they wouldn’t be taking pictures or signing autographs for fans. According to Bully, Vince McMahon chuckled then told him, “Bubba, not only will you sign autographs but you’ll take pictures also.”

H/T Fightful