Warning, spoilers ahead: Bray Wyatt is going to win the Elimination Chamber match. But why is everyone so sure of this? Well, this writer got his information from Dave Meltzer while reading the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The WON is a weekly newsletter written by the practical equivalent of a fortune teller. If this writer has one question to ask God after he dies, it’s how Meltzer got his information, because he’s pretty much always on the money. And, Meltzer said that Bray is in line for a title run and will probably win the belt at Elimination Chamber. Therefore, that’s the official story and it’s all lining up so far.

This angle would have Wyatt going into Mania to face the guy who won the Royal Rumble, Randy Orton. The Viper might be in the same stable as Bray, but their separation is imminent and it looks like they’ll be concluding this story at WrestleMania 33. Orton’s dance card is full in Orlando, as he will be facing whoever holds the blue brand’s big blue belt (try saying that 5 times fast). Therefore they are going to put the title on Wyatt.

Wyatt can try and persuade Randy to lay down at Mania, and Orton will eventually outright rebel as Bray receives an RKO outta nowhere. The two can have a great match at Mania in one of the many main events, although it probably won’t be the last match on the card. This could go down in the books as a great story told in the ring.

Then again, Vince could have woken up this morning and said that he wanted to start a hockey league, prompting his handlers to remind him how branching into other sports isn’t the best idea. They can remind him about the XFL and Vince will say something like, “Oh, we’re bringing that back too.”

“No, no Mr. McMahon. That was just a documentary,” someone says to him. Then they give Vince a pill and he calms down for a little bit. After three or four more attempts at buying another company with his handlers having to talk him out of it, McMahon finally lands on changing the WrestleMania plans to go with AJ vs. Orton because that would be fun too.

The point is that anything can happen in the WWE. So whether you’re rooting for Cena, Corbin, Styles, Miz, Ambrose, or Wyatt just remember that as long as you’re feeling something while you’re watching the Elimination Chamber, then WWE is doing their job. Because entertainment is entertainment, whether you like it or not.