bobby lashley

The feud between Bobby Lashley and Rusev has been heating up as of late, and Lana announced a few weeks ago that she had filed a restraining order against Rusev.

The Bulgarian Brute hasn’t exactly been following the rules of the restraining order, as he broke it last week so he could attack Bobby Lashley, and he attacked Lashley again this week before retreating through the crowd.

Bobby Lashley then berated the police, and one of the officers told him he was a WWE fan, and they do things differently in the state of Tennessee. The police then arrested Bobby Lashley after he shoulder checked a police officer, and Lana was arrested after she slapped an officer.

Lashley and Lana have since been released from jail, and their statements can be seen below.

Statement from Lana:

“How can I be arrested by an off-duty police officer, hired by me, to protect myself?”

Statement from Bobby Lashley:

“I’ve been advised by attorneys to not speak about the case because it could involve future litigation.”