the undertaker

WrestleMania 33 ended on a very somber note, as The Undertaker was defeated by Roman Reigns in the main event, and it seemed that Taker had retired as he walked up the ramp and quietly faded away.

However, no official announcement has been made one way or another regarding The Undertaker’s status, which has left many to wonder if The Deadman could be wrestling at WrestleMania 34 in April. is reporting that there’s belief backstage that Taker is considering wrestling another match. Vince McMahon has reportedly ordered that Kane continue to receive a strong push and that the writers pitch ideas for Kane to work a tag team match at WrestleMania.

During previous discussions between McMahon and Taker regarding another WrestleMania match, Vince reportedly pushed for Taker to wrestle a tag team match to take some of the pressure off of The Phenom.

It’s said that The Undertaker would prefer to work a singles match, and he’s suggested Braun Strowman as a possible opponent. John Cena’s name is also reportedly in the mix, as Cena wants to face Taker if The Deadman does return for a singles match.

However, Taker goes back and forth on his decision on whether or not he wants to wrestle every year, and the company does not want to rush his final decision.

Vince McMahon made it a priority for Roman Reigns to get a win over Taker last year, but there’s not as much panic this year in regards to Taker’s possible return.