aj styles

This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live kicked off with AJ Styles as he talked about the journey he’s been on as of late. AJ has been attempting to win the WWE Championship back, but he feels that he’s been wronged due to the fact that he keeps having to jump through hoops. If you look back on the past few weeks you can certainly see that AJ has a valid argument.

In any case, The Phenomenal One is pointing the finger at Shane McMahon and he warned Shane at the beginning of the show.

AJ Styles later made his way backstage and he waited for Shane McMahon’s car to arrive. As soon as the car arrived AJ Styles ambushed Shane McMahon and he slammed him into a wall. Styles then smashed Shane’s face into a car window as he looked at him and said, “you asked for this.”

Fit Finlay then broke up the fight and told AJ to get lost, because even though he loves to fight, apparently he doesn’t love watching Shane and AJ fight. Styles then kicked Shane McMahon one more time while he was down.

Doctors then checked on Shane McMahon, who happened to be bleeding from the head, and we can only assume that Dr. Chris later prescribed him a z-pack.

The rest of the SmackDown locker room told AJ Styles he was going to get fired. As he tried to leave Daniel Bryan stopped him then told him he was fired.