john cena

Miz started off this week’s episode of Miz TV by putting himself and his wife over, which is a new thing for him because he rarely talks about how awesome he is. It’s not like it’s his catchphrase or anything. They played the previous build of the A-List Couple and John and Nikki’s rivalry including the beatdown last week and that amazing Talking Smack segment from last week when Miz was on fire. Maryse had the best line though when she said Nikki was jealous of her because of her wedding ring.

The Miz said Cena is the fakest person he’s ever seen and he lives in LA. Maryse then said how she and Nikki used to be BFFs until Nikki stabbed her in the back. Maryse said she had an offer to be on the first season of Total Divas when Nikki told her not to sign it, but she sniped the deal right out from underneath her.

Maryse said Nikki cheated her, but she’s going to make her suffer. Maryse’s head started to bob so you know she was about to call Nikki a “bitch” and she totally did. That’s when John Cena’s music hit which means Nikki was on her way too.

Nikki said Maryse was the one who stabbed her in the back. Nikki called Maryse a “brainless, spineless blow-up doll.” She then asked her to step in the ring like a real woman so she could kick her ass. Miz said, “you don’t get to make up matches Nikki, who do you think you are, John Cena?”

Just as Miz was about to leave, Daniel Bryan’s music hit and the bearded GOAT came out. Daniel said Miz’s time isn’t up yet and the fact that Miz didn’t deliver makes him want to punch The Miz in the face. Daniel then started to list a bunch of other things that make him want to punch Mike the Miz in the face.

“The fact that I can’t punch you in the face and I can’t, and you know it and take advantage of that makes me want to punch you in the face even more.”

Honestly, even if he’s just facing The Miz, we’d love to see Daniel Bryan come back no matter who’s he’s set up against.

Daniel Bryan then booked the WrestleMania match between John Cena and Nikki Bella vs. Miz and Maryse.