the bloodline

The Bloodline have been one of the most dominant factions in WWE for some time now, and with all the titles that the group is currently carrying it seems that The Bloodline’s momentum can not be stopped.

Roman Reigns and The Usos are at the top of the ladder in WWE right now, but ever since the group formed fans have been talking about the possibility of other members being added.

Whether or not new members will ever be added to The Bloodline remains to be seen at this point in time. However, during a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, Naomi stated that she thinks it’s weird she’s not part of the group.

“I do [get the Paul Heyman wisdom] and it is a little weird that I’m not in it [The Bloodline] because I’m always there with them. I’m always there, I’m always around, I’m always, you know, annoying them so, maybe later down the road or maybe there’s somewhere for me to come in with the boys, with Jon and Josh [Jimmy & Jey Uso], who knows? But definitely something I would look forward to. I would want it to be the right time, you know? And done properly.”

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H/T Post Wrestling