Sometimes WWE just doesn’t have enough room on the show for everyone but after a while it can begin to grate on someone’s nerves. Last week, Emma lost to Mickie James on WWE Main Event and this week she wasn’t featured on Raw at all. It seemed to rub WWE’s first female Australian Superstar the wrong way completely as she was celebrating her 5-year anniversary with WWE.

Emma was one of the top females in NXT and although she never pulled down the NXT Women’s Championship she was close at times and certainly a contender. But that push seemed to stall when they brought the Emmalution to the main roster.

Emma was eventually paired up with Santino Marella in somewhat of a comedy role but nothing seemed to materialize from that. Emma’s weird “bubble popping” entrance confused some fans and it was hard to get people behind her. If you add in the fact that she was sometimes awkward (even if it was intentional) that didn’t bode well for her either.

Emma was fired for shoplifting and then rehired on the same day. She suffered an untimely injury that took her out of action and fans were wondering what WWE would do with her next.

WWE tried to repackage Emma as “Emmalina” and really hyped her return to television with a string of vignettes that lasted forever. But when the gimmick finally debuted she simply said we were going to watch her transform back into Emma and then she left.

Now Emma is a heel once again and seems to be stalling even harder. But with so much female talent on the Raw roster it’s almost easy to see how she can get lost in the shuffle. Although she has the wrestling ability to hang with the top of the card there are just too many big names to contend with.

Emma was backstage at Raw this week and didn’t seem to be happy about the fact she wasn’t featured on the live broadcast. The knife seemed to be twisted even deeper in her back as she noted it was her anniversary with WWE. She mockingly said how she loved watching others get opportunities that she’ll never get. It was kind of a bitter piece of social media to say the least.

Who knows if WWE will eventually push Emma, but in all honesty this kind of Twitter post probably won’t win her any favors with creative.