the broken hardys

The Great War between House Hardy and Impact Wrestling raged on throughout 2017, but all is well now, as Matt Hardy officially owns all of the trademarks related to the Broken Universe, and it appears that both sides are playing nice. Matt Hardy is currently creating the Woken Universe in WWE, but it appears that WWE fans will be seeing footage from the Broken Universe at some point in the future.

PWInsider reports that WWE is licensing Broken Universe content from Impact Wrestling. How much content will be used, and why, is unknown at this time, but WWE is putting together a WWE 24 special which focuses on The Hardys, so it’s been speculated that the footage could be used for the documentary.

The company is also working on a new DVD release which is set to focus on The Hardy Boyz.

Even though this might seem like a unique situation, it’s not unheard of for WWE to license content from other promotions. The company has previously license footage of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and others from Ring of Honor.

Matt Hardy is the current owner of the Broken Universe trademarks, but Impact Wrestling owns the rights to the footage that was shot while he was with the company.