wwe 2k22

Under normal circumstances WWE fans are used to seeing a new entry in the WWE 2K franchise in the fall, but that’s not the case for WWE 2K22 as the game has been pushed back to March of next year. The game has been delayed and it looks like the mass WWE releases that took place this year had an impact on the game’s development.

Sports Games Online reports that originally the first DLC package for WWE 2K22 was set to be based around former NXT star Bronson Reed, but when the company let Reed and a number of other NXT stars go plans for the DLC content got blown up.

It’s being reported that a minimum of four released Superstars from August 6 were originally set to be part of the DLC. The exact names of the talents who were supposed to be part of the package were not disclosed.

The development team at Visual Concepts and 2K Sports reportedly scrambled for DLC plans, but at least two DLC packages have been scrapped over the last four months. It’s rumored that DLC in the traditional sense may get scrapped for the game, and that 2K Sports could offer a “service” of some kind for roster updates.

The idea would be for Visual Concepts to release standard title updates throughout the game’s lifecycle which would include new Superstars, and new or updated gimmicks, but that rumor hasn’t been confirmed.

Sources claim that WWE Games doesn’t want to talk about concrete plans regarding DLC just yet with one source saying “we are working on things.”